[pypy-issue] Issue #2197: sqlite benchmark fails in 4.0.1 (pypy/pypy)

Pete Vine issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Fri Nov 27 16:50:34 EST 2015

New issue 2197: sqlite benchmark fails in 4.0.1

Pete Vine:

I was about to try comparing the 32-bit backends but got as far as sqlite:

~/pypy-4.0.1-i686_x87/bin/pypy own/sqlitesynth.py -n 5

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "own/sqlitesynth.py", line 57, in <module>
    util.run_benchmark(options, options.num_runs, main)
  File "/unpacked/pypy-benchmarks-770e56a1296f/unladen_swallow/performance/util.py", line 27, in run_benchmark
    data = bench_func(num_runs, *args)
  File "own/sqlitesynth.py", line 41, in main
    _main() # warmup
  File "own/sqlitesynth.py", line 25, in _main
    conn.execute('insert into cos values (?, ?, ?)', [i, math.cos(i), str(i)])
  File "/pypy-4.0.1-i686_x87/lib_pypy/_sqlite3.py", line 383, in execute
    return cur.execute(*args)
  File "/pypy-4.0.1-i686_x87/lib_pypy/_sqlite3.py", line 700, in wrapper
    return func(self, *args, **kwargs)
  File "/pypy-4.0.1-i686_x87/lib_pypy/_sqlite3.py", line 857, in execute
    return self.__execute(False, sql, [params])
  File "/pypy-4.0.1-i686_x87/lib_pypy/_sqlite3.py", line 815, in __execute
  File "/pypy-4.0.1-i686_x87/lib_pypy/_sqlite3.py", line 1117, in _set_params
    "probably unsupported type." % i)
InterfaceError: Error binding parameter 1 - probably unsupported type.

That very same non-SSE2 backend in 2.6.1 has no problem completing the sqlite benchmark - what gives?

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