[pypy-issue] Issue #2226: Excessive heap growth with simple program (pypy/pypy)

Ivan Kozik issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Mon Jan 18 05:23:40 EST 2016

New issue 2226: Excessive heap growth with simple program

Ivan Kozik:

I have a program that reads ~50KB-4MB of data from a subprocess every 12 seconds, and after running it for about a month, the pypy process (pypy 4.0.1 on Ubuntu 15.10) uses ~950MB resident memory, while I expect it to be using much less.

A simplification of that program exhibits the problem in less than a minute:

import random

while True:
	contents = " " * random.randint(50000, 4000000)

I believe pypy is making an erroneous assumption about the need for heap growth.

fijal told me to file this and that "this looks relatively serious".

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