[pypy-issue] Issue #2301: Dictionary Bug (pypy/pypy)

Jeff Carpenter issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Sat May 14 21:33:47 EDT 2016

New issue 2301: Dictionary Bug

Jeff Carpenter:

Got this exception when parsing and validating (mostly regex) a bunch of HTML files:


Fatal error in cpyext, CPython compatibility layer, calling PyErr_GetExcInfo
Either report a bug or consider not using this particular extension
<SystemError object at 0x941eeb0>
RPython traceback:
  File "pypy_module_cpyext_api.c", line 220317, in PyErr_GetExcInfo
  File "pypy_module_cpyext_pyerrors.c", line 9771, in PyErr_GetExcInfo
  File "pypy_module_cpyext_pyobject.c", line 547, in make_ref
  File "pypy_module_cpyext_pyobject.c", line 1385, in create_ref
  File "pypy_module_cpyext_pyobject.c", line 4093, in BaseCpyTypedescr_allocate
  File "pypy_module_cpyext_pyobject.c", line 547, in make_ref
  File "pypy_module_cpyext_pyobject.c", line 1308, in create_ref
  File "pypy_module_cpyext_typeobject.c", line 16849, in type_attach
  File "pypy_module_cpyext_typeobject.c", line 5385, in finish_type_2
  File "pypy_module_cpyext_pyobject.c", line 542, in make_ref
  File "rpython_rtyper_lltypesystem_rdict.c", line 3695, in _ll_dict_setitem_lookup_done__v1888___simple_cal 
  File "rpython_rtyper_lltypesystem_rdict.c", line 11218, in ll_dict_resize__dicttablePtr
  File "rpython_rtyper_lltypesystem_rdict.c", line 11277, in ll_dict_resize__dicttablePtr
  File "rpython_memory_gc_incminimark.c", line 2860, in IncrementalMiniMarkGC_external_malloc
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  ./parse.py html/**/*.html


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