[pypy-issue] Issue #2312: PyPy3 venv module doesn't work (pypy/pypy)

Philip Jenvey issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Sat May 28 20:29:56 EDT 2016

New issue 2312: PyPy3 venv module doesn't work

Philip Jenvey:

Here's the CPython commit for venv:


o we may need to tweak its path layout.. (or maybe adopt its layout)

o venv'd pypy doesn't find the correct stdlib location. maybe partly due to above but it also needs changes from the above commit -- like the loading of venv's config file

o venv 'copy' mode does not copy the libpypy dll. CPython assumes its dylib location is static whereas PyPy uses a more dynamic rpath (at least on some platforms). Copy mode is the default on Windows

(as an aside virtualenv 15.0.2 works fine w/ the latest pypy3)

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