[pypy-issue] Issue #2722: shadowstack overflow with sys.setrecursionlimit() (pypy/pypy)

Armin Rigo issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Fri Dec 29 03:36:34 EST 2017

New issue 2722: shadowstack overflow with sys.setrecursionlimit()

Armin Rigo:

When playing with sys.setrecursionlimit(), we can get the fixed-size shadowstack to overflow.  This occurs more easily on release builds with ``-O3`` because the C stack grows more slowly there, making the shadowstack growth comparatively faster.

We need to think about what to do.  We can't easily reallocate the running shadowstack in sys.setrecursionlimit().  We could maybe work with a non-contiguous shadowstack that is made from several smaller blocks.  It needs to be tweaked to have minimal impact, particularly on JITted code.

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