[pypy-issue] Issue #2477: DistutilsPlatformError: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat (pypy/pypy)

Denis Akhiyarov issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Fri Feb 17 22:20:21 EST 2017

New issue 2477: DistutilsPlatformError: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat

Denis Akhiyarov:

Building on Windows 10, 64bit with Visual C++ 2008 32-bit Command Prompt.

Full build session attached.


  File "c:\Python\pypypy\lib-python\2.7\distutils\msvc9compiler.py", line 271, in query_vcvarsall
    raise DistutilsPlatformError("Unable to find vcvarsall.bat")
DistutilsPlatformError: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat

* _tkinter/tklib_build.py
*** failed to build the CFFI modules ['_audioop_build.py', '_sqlite3_build.py']

PyPy can still be used as long as you don't need the corresponding
modules.  If you do need them, please install the missing headers and
libraries (see error messages just above) and then re-run the command:

    c:\Python\pypypy\pypy\goal\pypy-c.exe c:\Python\pypypy\pypy\tool\build_cffi_imports.py

[785af] translation-task}
[translation:info] usession directory: c:\users\denis\appdata\local\temp\usession-default-1
[Timer] Timings:
[Timer] annotate                       ---  782.3 s
[Timer] rtype_lltype                   ---  668.6 s
[Timer] pyjitpl_lltype                 --- 1294.1 s
[Timer] backendopt_lltype              ---  235.6 s
[Timer] stackcheckinsertion_lltype     ---  351.2 s
[Timer] database_c                     ---  532.9 s
[Timer] source_c                       ---  330.4 s
[Timer] compile_c                      ---  718.2 s
[Timer] build_cffi_imports             ---   16.4 s
[Timer] ===========================================
[Timer] Total:                         --- 4929.8 s


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