[pypy-issue] Issue #2674: cpyext: tp_new not called in some multiple inheritance situations (pypy/pypy)

Jason Rhinelander issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Fri Oct 6 10:24:57 EDT 2017

New issue 2674: cpyext: tp_new not called in some multiple inheritance situations

Jason Rhinelander:

I've been testing out the pypy2-5.9.0 release with [pybind11](https://github.com/pybind/pybind11) and run into a segfault with one of the multiple inheritance tests (which was fine under 5.8.0 and under CPython).  Basically the test amounts to:

class PyBase(object):

class MI1b(PyBase, Base1):  # Doesn't work
    def __init__(self):

class MI1c(Base1, PyBase):  # Works
    def __init__(self):
where `Base1` is a C extension class which inherits from a common C extension base class (`pybind11_object`, which itself inherits from `object`) with a `tp_new` that initializes extra data needed for pybind objects.  That base class `tp_new`, however, never gets called in the `MI1b` case, and so the instance doesn't get initialized properly, leading to a segfault when trying to access the expected internal data.

The `mro()` of the two classes are:

# Working class (MI1c) MRO:
[<class 'test_multiple_inheritance.MI1c'>, <class 'pybind11_tests.multiple_inheritance.Base1'>, <class 'pybind11_object'>, <class 'test_multiple_inheritance.PyBase'>, <type 'object'>]

# Non-working class (MI1b) MRO:
[<class 'test_multiple_inheritance.MI1b'>, <class 'test_multiple_inheritance.PyBase'>, <class 'pybind11_tests.multiple_inheritance.Base1'>, <class 'pybind11_object'>, <type 'object'>]
where `pybind11_object` is the type with the custom `tp_new`.

(Though I think that extra `pybind11_object` base class doesn't really matter to the issue: `tp_new` isn't called even if I set it directly on the `Base1` type object).

I suspect that the fix for #2666 is involved here: I tried a few pypy nightlies, and the problem doesn't occur in the builds up to and including `pypy-c-jit-92494-8e1aad229f8e-linux64.tar.bz2`, but does starting with `pypy-c-jit-92504-5acb984186b5-linux64.tar.bz2`--which looks to coincide with the timing of the #2666 fix (3f4fc77711549cd63bfda14d7d1c125af8b33425).

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