[pypy-issue] Issue #2921: missing select.KQ_NOTE_* exposures on kqueue platforms (pypy/pypy)

Joshua Oreman issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Tue Nov 27 21:16:25 EST 2018

New issue 2921: missing select.KQ_NOTE_* exposures on kqueue platforms

Joshua Oreman:

On kqueue platforms such as OS X, if the system headers define NOTE_FOO, it gets exposed under CPython as a Python constant select.KQ_NOTE_FOO, for values of FOO in (ATTRIB, CHILD, DELETE, EXEC, EXIT, EXTEND, FORK, LINK, LOWAT, RENAME, REVOKE, TRACK, TRACKERR, WRITE). It would be useful for PyPy to replicate this behavior, since it is otherwise difficult to use some kqueue filters without groveling in system headers for the right values for the NOTE constants.

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