[pypy-issue] Issue #3002: Some way to run "enough" gc for test suites that need to make sure destructors have run (pypy/pypy)

Nathaniel Smith issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Wed Apr 17 23:45:25 EDT 2019

New issue 3002: Some way to run "enough" gc for test suites that need to make sure destructors have run

Nathaniel Smith:

It turns out that sometimes in test suites you need to pump the garbage collector manually. For example, to test a `__del__` method, you might create an object, drop the reference to it, and then do some kind of check that whatever the `__del__` method was supposed to do has actually happened.

In CPython, you can usually just call `gc.collect` once and you're good. But in pypy this requires calling `gc.collect` multiple times. (No-one's sure exactly how many. I guess in principle pypy might require arbitrarily many calls to match CPython's behavior, if there's a long chain of non-cyclic garbage with destructors?)

A number of projects have hit this and had to implement workarounds. For example:

* https://github.com/numpy/numpy/pull/12594#discussion_r276077803
* https://github.com/python-trio/trio/blob/5aab6b56eb53bb0ce3b3002a239f8c6db36c4ff7/trio/_core/tests/tutil.py#L40-L51

It would be nice if there were a better solution than calling `gc.collect()` repeatedly until you stop getting test failures, and if each project didn't have to figure this out from scratch.

It would be even nicer if `gc.collect()` just did this, so that people wouldn't have to implement workarounds when porting to pypy :-). But if you need to make it something slightly different, that's OK too. Extra points for making it compatible with CPython, like using the `gc.collect(generation=...)` argument or something.

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