[pypy-issue] Issue #3137: SystemError/internal exception in PyPy3 7.3 (pypy/pypy)

Vilhjálmur Thorsteinsson issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Sat Dec 28 07:40:33 EST 2019

New issue 3137: SystemError/internal exception in PyPy3 7.3

Vilhjálmur Thorsteinsson:

When I run my code on the released PyPy3 7.3, I get the following internal exception and traceback:


RPython traceback:
  File "pypy_interpreter.c", line 37221, in BuiltinCode_funcrun_obj
  File "implement_1.c", line 13304, in BuiltinActivation_UwS_W_UnicodeObject_ObjSpace_W
  File "pypy_interpreter_2.c", line 5947, in newlist_utf8
2019-12-28 12:36:31,989 WARNING:[0] Exception when parsing article at https://mbl.is/frettir/erlent/2019/12/25/genarannsoknir_til_bjargar_simponsum/: SystemError('unexpected internal exception (please report a bug): <CheckError object at 0x423d6c0>; internal traceback was dumped to stderr',)

This is a regression from 7.2.

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