[pypy-issue] Issue #3020: Error Code Handling in Multiprocessing Tests (pypy/pypy)

Andrew at bitbucket.org Andrew at bitbucket.org
Sun May 26 14:13:26 EDT 2019

New issue 3020: Error Code Handling in Multiprocessing Tests

Andrew Lawrence:

There is some behavior of error codes that I cannot explain in test\_multiprocessing\_spawn.py.

When running the tests lib-python\\3\\test\\test\_multiprocessing\_spawn.py WithManagerTestLock.test\_lock WithProcessesTestBarrier.test\_barrier on Windows the error code leaks from test\_lock into test\_barrier causing test\_barrier to fail.             

In CPython the error codes do not leak between the tests like this.


I have also noticed that doing p \_winapi.GetLastError\(\) from pdb inside WithProcessesTestBarrier.test\_barrier in CPython produces the error code from the previous test but print\(\_winapi.GetLastError\(\)\) in the test itself does not result in the error.

Also inserting the following code into \_test\_multiprocessing.py results in different behaviour on both CPython and windows when running test\_multiprocessing\_spawn.py WithManagerTestLock.test\_lock 

class ManagerMixin(object):
  def tearDownClass(cls):
        import ctypes

The final print statement produces 0 in CPython and 996 in PyPy

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