[Pytest-commit] Issue #562: @nose.tools.istest not respected (hpk42/pytest)

Tom V issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Sun Aug 10 23:30:14 CEST 2014

New issue 562: @nose.tools.istest not respected

Tom V:

Given the [Supported nose Idioms](http://pytest.org/latest/nose.html#supported-nose-idioms) page says pytest supports: *`__test__` attribute on modules/classes/functions* I assumed the following test would be collected:

    def toast_stuff():
        assert 0

Full script with the final test showing that the attribute `__test__` is successfully set on the `toast_stuff` function

    import nose.tools

    def not_nose():
        assert 0

    def toast_stuff():
        assert 0

    def test_attributes():
        assert not hasattr(not_nose, '__test__')
        assert toast_stuff.__test__

    $ py.test test_nose.py -v
    === test session starts ===
    platform linux2 -- Python 2.7.6 -- py-1.4.23 -- pytest-2.6.1
    collected 1 items 

    test_nose.py::test_attributes PASSED

    === 1 passed in 0.03 seconds ===

Am I misunderstanding the docs, and test must *also* meet the usual name prefix criteria? That would make the `istest` decorator redundant.

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