[py-dev] changed 1 minute ago

Anthon van der Neut avanderneut at pinnaclesys.com
Sun Mar 5 17:40:31 CET 2006

Looking through the pypy documentation this morning I noticed that Armin 
Rigo had committed a file 2 minutes ago. As this was sunday morning, I 
was happy to notice I am not the only one who cannot sleep in.

However 10 minutes later this was still 2 minutes ago, and a minor typo 
correction I committed got marked as modified 1 minute ago and stayed 
that way.

I traced the thing down to the www/pypywww/render/doc.py -> 
worded_diff_time function. Which would work nice if the pages were not 
generated staticly, or at least regenerated every night, which they are 
not. The function seems to be in there since the first revision of the file.

Any objections to me changing the call to this function to something 
more useful on staticly generated pages like 5th March, 2006?


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