[py-dev] away / dev status

Holger Krekel holger at merlinux.de
Sat Mar 1 10:02:26 CET 2008

Hello py-dev,

this is note to tell that i am offline at least for march due to
personal troubles.

As to development issues: Guido thankfully agreed to care for a 0.9.1 release
which is to include his svn-auth work and bugfixes since 0.9.0.

Larger changes, much of the current trunk development, and in
particular the event-branch
will probably have to wait. The event branch contains major cleanups
and refactorings.
Here are some notes:

* py/test2 is the directory with the new code.  This is so that you
can use "py.test" to
  test the refactorings.  Otherwise it would not be possible to easily
use py.test to test
  py.test functionality as refactorings would directly affect test
runs themselves.

* config objects now have an event "bus" which has a basic simple (zope3-like)
  subscribe/notify mechanism. See test_bus.py

* ItemTestReports events contain the result of test runs and there is
support for marshalling
  and unmarshalling their contents.  This is the key thing that
allowed to get rid
  of "SerializableOutcome" and duplications of code resulting from the worlds
  of "in-process" and "distrihuted testing".  The idea is that the
to-be-written reporters
  deal with "ItemTestReport" events which already contain formatted
traceback information
  which is generated directly at the time a failure occurs (previously
such information
  was extracted much later when the failure reports were actually
printed at the end of a test run)

* main TODO item is the re-instantiation and re-viving of the Text-
and other reporters
  which need to be adapated to the new event mechanisms.  It should
also be possible
  to have e.g. a Webreporter and a Testreporter and a new
"File-reporter"co-exist because
  they all just subscribe to CollectionStart/Finish and ItemTestReports.

* If you work on the branch i'd suggest to first read the files of the
current py/test2.
  I am saying this because the previous code contained a lot of
painful duplication
  and it'd be good to avoid this happening again.

anyway, wish you all a good time,
take care,


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