[py-dev] 0.9.1 progress

Guido Wesdorp johnny at johnnydebris.net
Tue Mar 11 11:09:06 CET 2008


Since I'm rather busy, progress on the py lib release has been slow, but 
not entirely fruitless: I wrote a script that grabs the 0.9 branch and a 
list of revisions, then gets a diff from the trunk for each of those 
revisions, extracts patches from the diffs and applies them 
incrementally (updating the branch on each revision). Then, for each 
revision, after the patches are applied, the tests are run.

This script seems to work nicely, I've played around a bit and if I only 
apply the bugfix releases I end up with a fully working working copy 
(iow: all tests pass after application of the last patch). When I also 
do all small features (simple changes that required one or two checkins 
directly on the trunk), I have one single exception somewhere in 
py.test, can't remember the exact details but it seemed easy enough to 
fix. When I also apply all merges (so larger features that were 
developed on a branch and merged to the trunk) I get a failure on the 
'less threads for execnet' feature (merged in rev. 45539), I didn't 
investigate in detail yet, as I think merging this is out of scope for 
0.9.1 anyway.

So here comes my question: do you guys agree to just apply the bugfix 
revisions (see one of my previous mails on py-dev for the exact list - 
it's the 'bugfixes/refactorings' part)? And if not, which revisions do 
you want to have in 0.9.1 besides the ones mentioned in the list?

I'll be spending tomorrow (wednesday) on applying the bugfixes, and will 
check the results in on a branch. If all goes well, the branch should be 
ready for release (although some testing first would be nice, of course 
:) tomorrow evening.



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