[py-dev] new py.cleanup options

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Sat Feb 6 11:09:06 CET 2010

Hi all, 

for those interested (related to the earlier py.cleanup discussion) i 
just committed some improvements.  Options now work like this: 

    py.cleanup     # remove "*.pyc" and "*$py.class" (jython) files
    py.cleanup -e .swp -e .cache # also remove files with these extensions
    py.cleanup -s  # remove "build" and "dist" directory next to setup.py files
    py.cleanup -d  # also remove empty directories
    py.cleanup -a  # synonym for "-s -d -e 'pip-log.txt'"
    py.cleanup -n  # dry run, only show what would be removed

If you don't specify path(s), the current working dir will be used. 
Note that i don't remove "*egg-info" directories - it would
break "python setup.py develop" and i'd like to keep the py.cleanup
command safe in this regard. 

If you like to play, use easy_install or pip-install on:



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