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holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
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hi all, 

FYI i sent a mail regarding a new site http://testrun.org 
to the testing-in-python list, see below.  Of course the contained 
offer applies to you here as well - may be useful for people using 
py.test to look into how it's configured for Hudson, a popular
CI server written in Java. 


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Subject: [TIP] starting testrun.org for testing in python

Hi all, 

This year i plan to work a lot on testing and Python - and one of my plans
is to build up some collective computing resources for testing.  Not tied to 
any particular testing tool or practise but rather to Continous Integration

Here is the practical start of this effort::


It doesn't have a fancy website such as Snakebite - in fact i really try 
to outcompete Titus on KISS principles here and just start operating it :) 

Note that I am using Hudson to get to know the current state of the art - 
i realize it's not a perfect fit for Python.  It does have tons of plugins
though and is a standard in the Java world (guess-what i actually just did 
some open-source strategy consulting in a Java shop and thus dived in :).

We can add more jobs and views to it and if anyone here has experience
and wants to help - i grant admin rights easily.  Particularly since i am
away after Pycon for 6 weeks.  It'd also be great if some Snakebite resources
or other resources could be added - just contact me or grab me at Pycon. 
It should not take more than 5 minutes to set a new node.  Given
interest i'll setup a mailing list where we discuss matters further -
otherwise i presume it's ok to communicate a bit about this here. 

Any feedback and ideas welcome. And again, this is *not* py.test specific 
although i certainly want to make py.test integrate nicely.  


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