[py-dev] Acceptance testing with py.test

Pontus Åström pontus.astrom at businessecurity.com
Fri Feb 12 14:32:42 CET 2010


I'm considering a plugin for doing acceptance testing with py.test. The 
core idea is to mimic the behaviour of Concordion 
(http://concordion.org) with respect to visual effects and reports, but 
use a python engine. The python libs I am considering are py.test for 
running tests and genshi for xml instrumentation.

Then, to get a polished plugin some code need to be written; a py.test 
plugin for test collection and reporting, and a utility library for 
easing genshi xml insturmentation.

Well, the reason for this explanation is to see if anybody out there has 
some input regarding the idea, or maybe know of some useful libs or 
approaches to achieve the aim, which btw. is to obtain efficient, 
readable, executable acceptance tests connected to requirements. Read 
more about this aim on the Concordion website.

Cheers, Pontus

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