[py-dev] py.path.local no longer iterable?

Adam Adam.Schmalhofer at gmx.de
Wed Mar 3 18:27:46 CET 2010

William McVey wrote:

> So, I've been running py-1.0.2 for quite a while. I'm now trying to
> upgrade my code to use the current py library (1.2.1) and standalone
> execnet. I'm curious whether the removal of the iterator functionality
> on os.path.local() objects was intentional. I read through the
> changelog, and didn't see anything other than:
> 1.0.2 -> 1.1.0
> * simplified internal localpath implementation
> To me though, I would have expected the API to stay consistent though.

Use py.path.local('~').visit() it works in both Versions. Can't tell you
if the removal was intentional or not.

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