[py-dev] new resource API nearing completion including impl

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Wed Aug 1 15:18:02 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I've just uploaded new docs and my latest changes to the newstyle funcargs
and setup mechanism.  I am getting increasingly happy about it and think 
i solved most of the implementation problems now. I also moved to
writing direct release-relevant documentation now.  The new main doc is

It contains a number of working examples.  To play yourself you can use
the repo or use "pip install -i http://pypi.testrun.org -U pytest".

Mostly due to implementation but also for communication reasons
i resolved to advertising a "newstyle" API that does not fully include
the oldstyle API. Mainly you cannot use the "request" object in
setup/factory-marked functions.  Intstead there is a more minimal
"testcontext" object which specifically does not offer
cached_setup/getfuncargvalue because you can and should now directly use
funcargs in factory/setup functions.  Nevertheless, old-style and
new-style resources can use each other and i think i managed full
backward compatibility.

If i see it correctly there is at least one open issue that was
originally raised by Floris that is not covered yet:  How to write a
setup-function that instantiates an object depending on the presence of
a "@needsdb" marker.  I have several ideas about this but probably it's
best to discuss this on IRC ...



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