[py-dev] ANN: pytest-django 2.0.0 released - a better Django test runner

Andreas Pelme andreas at pelme.se
Tue Dec 4 09:08:50 CET 2012


We are pleased to announce the availability of pytest-django 2.0.0. This release is rewritten to make use of fixture API introduced in py.test 2.3, which fixes a lot of bugs and edge cases in previous releases. Get it directly from PyPI or install with pip:

pip install -U pytest-django

pytest is an innovative testing tool for Python programs. pytest-django is a plugin that provides Django integration and helpers. Improvements over Django's standard test runner includes test database re-use, easier selection of running a subset of test cases. Existing test suites based on Django's own test runner should be compatible out of the box.

Documentation & how to get started:

Full changelog:

Report bugs here:

py.test documentation:

We aim to make testing Django applications as easy as possible: Please submit suggestions and ideas in the issue tracker!

Best regards
Andreas Pelme

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