[pytest-dev] Announcement: new maintainer for pytest-cov and cov-core

Marc Schlaich marc.schlaich at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 09:01:33 CEST 2014


as the original author of these packages is unresponsive for almost two
years now, I requested maintainer status on PyPI (
http://sourceforge.net/p/pypi/support-requests/352/). If anyone is
interested in (co-)maintaining any of these packages please get in touch.
I'm happy to share or transfer responsibility if someone is more suitable
than me.

I'm considering moving the repositories to GitHub. What do you think about

Additionally, I got maintainer status of nose-cov and nose2-cov (because
they are from the same author) but I'm not interested in actively
maintaining them. If someone is willing to take these over just let me know.

Regards, Marc
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