[pytest-dev] Parametrized fixture fails when using unittest

Nikolaus Rath Nikolaus at rath.org
Mon Feb 10 04:51:31 CET 2014


I don't understand why the following test fixture works for the test
function, but fails for the test method. Am I doing something wrong, or
is this a bug?

$ cat t0_mine.py 
import pytest
import unittest

def param1(request):
    if request.param == 1:
        pytest.skip('not so good')
    yield request.param

def param2(request, param1):
    return (param1, request.param)

def param1a(request, param1):
    if param1 == 1:
        return 0
        return 7

def test_function(param2, param1a): 
    if param2[0] == 1:
        assert param1a == 0
        assert param1a == 7
@pytest.mark.usefixtures('param2', 'param1a')

$ py.test-3 t0_mine.py -v
==================================== test session starts ====================================
platform linux -- Python 3.3.3 -- pytest-2.5.1 -- /usr/bin/python3
collected 7 items 

t0_mine.py:25: test_function[a-0] PASSED
t0_mine.py:25: test_function[a-1] SKIPPED
t0_mine.py:25: test_function[a-2] PASSED
t0_mine.py:25: test_function[b-0] PASSED
t0_mine.py:25: test_function[b-1] SKIPPED
t0_mine.py:25: test_function[b-2] PASSED
t0_mine.py:33: TestClass.test_method ERROR

========================================== ERRORS ===========================================
__________________________ ERROR at setup of TestClass.test_method __________________________

request = <SubRequest 'param1' for <TestCaseFunction 'test_method'>>

    def param1(request):
>       if request.param == 1:
E       AttributeError: 'SubRequest' object has no attribute 'param'

t0_mine.py:9: AttributeError
======================= 4 passed, 2 skipped, 1 error in 0.02 seconds ========================


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