[pytest-dev] Exemplary py.test usage in open-source?

Hashemi, Mahmoud mahmoud at paypal.com
Sat Nov 22 01:24:25 CET 2014

Hey pytest-dev,

Had a casual question for you all. We all know py.test is a great testing framework with a lot of top-notch documentation and plugins; several teams here at eBay/PayPal make good use of it (some of which is viewable on eBay's public Github).

But some folks around here learn best from example. So in the spirit of open-source, would anyone mind sharing some Github/Bitbucket links to codebases that leverage py.test to its fullest? I'm especially interested in larger, more "enterprise" codebases with multifaceted tests. Werkzeug, devpi, and other infrastructural code is great, please share your faves along those lines, but I'm thinking more in the vein of Mozilla's tests (https://github.com/mozilla?query=tests).


Lead Developer, Python Infrastructure at eBay/PayPal
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