[pytest-dev] Exemplary py.test usage in open-source?

Hashemi, Mahmoud mahmoud at paypal.com
Tue Nov 25 01:05:34 CET 2014

Hehe, sorry for the top post, work computer. I did actually try searching conftest.py on Github, but there were altogether too many results :) Didn't seem like there was a solid sorting mechanism either.

The Mozilla tests are particularly interesting because they use Python to test non-Python codebases, which is a major area of interest in the increasingly diverse PayPal engineering community. Those sorts of py.test conventions really resonate for the corporate/product types :) Also, small note, I'd probably update the Projects page link to the Mozilla Github so the code is more readily showcased. Otherwise, the Projects page is fantastic :)

Hope to hear more soon!


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Hey Hashemi,

On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 00:24 +0000, Hashemi, Mahmoud wrote:
> Hey pytest-dev,
> Had a casual question for you all. We all know py.test is a great testing framework with a lot of top-notch documentation and plugins; several teams here at eBay/PayPal make good use of it (some of which is viewable on eBay's public Github).
> But some folks around here learn best from example. So in the spirit of open-source, would anyone mind sharing some Github/Bitbucket links to codebases that leverage py.test to its fullest? I'm especially interested in larger, more "enterprise" codebases with multifaceted tests. Werkzeug, devpi, and other infrastructural code is great, please share your faves along those lines, but I'm thinking more in the vein of Mozilla's tests (https://github.com/mozilla?query=tests).
> Thanks!

I'd also be interested in hearing back!  
http://pytest.org/latest/projects.html hasn't been updated for a while either FWIW.

If there is some kind of github/bitbucket/code search engine maybe that could be used to automatically discover pytest using projects and sort them according to size or so?  If somebody is willing to try that, that'd simplify communication i guess :)


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