[pytest-dev] pytest-xdist-1.11: restarting crash nodes, fixture cache fix

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Thu Sep 18 20:21:52 CEST 2014

I just released pytest-xdist-1.11, the distributed testing plugin for pytest.
It introduces automatic restarting of crashed nodes, courtesy of a 
complete PR from Floris Bruynooghe.  This also works well together with
pytest-timeout by the same author: When one or more test functions hang
or crash, the overall test run will still complete and report about the
incidents.  See the changelog below for more changes and the pypi
project page for what pytest-xdist offers in general:


Thanks also to an undisclosed company who partly funded the work
and to Andreas Pelme for contributing analysis of a fixture caching
failure including a test.

Holger Krekel


- fix pytest/xdist issue485 (also depends on py-1.4.22):
  attach stdout/stderr on --boxed processes that die.

- fix pytest/xdist issue503: make sure that a node has usually
  two items to execute to avoid scoped fixtures to be torn down
  pre-maturely (fixture teardown/setup is "nextitem" sensitive).
  Thanks to Andreas Pelme for bug analysis and failing test.

- restart crashed nodes by internally refactoring setup handling
  of nodes.  Also includes better code documentation.  
  Many thanks to Floris Bruynooghe for the complete PR.

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