[pytest-dev] Releases

Floris Bruynooghe flub at devork.be
Tue Aug 25 10:45:31 CEST 2015


On 9 August 2015 at 23:45, Bruno Oliveira <nicoddemus at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I also think we should release 2.8 directly.

Yes, a release which supports python 3.5 would be nice.  AFAIK we
could just release 2.7.3 without any work so if someone wants to
release that I think you should just do it.

> There are a couple of issues/PRs that should go into 2.8, IMO:
> - Merge pytest-cache into core
> (https://github.com/pytest-dev/pytest/pull/828); I think Ronny is working on
> this;
> - Release pytest-xdist 1.13, so we can merge "non-zero exit code if no tests
> are collected" (https://github.com/pytest-dev/pytest/pull/817); I think
> Ronny is about to release 1.13;
> Actually, merge all PRs that are pending would be a good target, as they all
> seem like good additions to a new major release.

These are nice to have, but not strictly needed.

> I think Holger also said before that he would like to vendor pluggy into
> pytest before releasing 2.8 thought. Is there anything here that we can do
> to help?

This on the other hand is more of a blocker.  I think what we need is
some code in setup.py which automatically fetches the required pluggy
version from pypi and vendors it when  making sdists and wheels.  At
least while pluggy versions are < 1.0.  Once that's done we should be
able to release 2.8 without any problems.

> How should we proceed? Perhaps it would be good to set a ballpark date for
> 2.8, say two/three weeks from now? This will be probably enough time to dig
> into the issue tracker for critical bugs and to round up the remaining PRs.

I'd say, anyone who'd like to see a release should just make it happen
- everyone has the required permissions now.  I'd love to see a
release myself too but realistically am kept rather busy currently so
it's not the highest on my todo list (and admittedly, git is still
slowing me down for now so everything takes me longer currently :-/
I'll catch up eventually I'm sure).


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