[pytest-dev] Moving catchlog to pytest-dev (was: Re: pytest-capturelog status/merging to core?)

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Mon Nov 9 00:24:25 EST 2015


* Florian Bruhin <me at the-compiler.org> [2015-10-20 06:20:42 +0200]:
> * Arthur Skowronek <eisensheng at mailbox.org> [2015-10-19 23:17:24 +0200]:
> > It would be nice if the plugin could stay separated from the core package.
> > At least I am a huge fan of the modular plugin system as it can be found in
> > pytest.  I find such a modular design more preferable compared to a
> > monolithic project that comes with everything attached. Such a large project
> > makes it harder for users to track what was changed between versions and
> > keep track of changes important to them.  They don't need to care at all if
> > the API was changed but they don't use the plugin.
> > 
> > Also different contributors stated that they still would like to improve the
> > code base and add more functionality.  It would be nice to give them their
> > freedom to break the API if necessary to create something even more usable
> > with a sleeker API.  I'm looking forward to it.
> I used to have a different stance on this - but after reconsidering, I
> agree it'd be best to have a "recommended" plugin (i.e. catchlog, as
> it's maintained and under pytest-dev) rather than merge things into
> core.

Backwards compatibility is restored and eisensheng released 1.2.0 - so
I think everything is ready to move pytest-catchlog to pytest-dev now.

Of course +1 from my side - any objections and/or a second +1 please?


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