[pytest-dev] ANN: pytest-logbook

Floris Bruynooghe flub at devork.be
Thu Nov 12 09:04:35 EST 2015

On 12 November 2015 at 13:46, Andreas Pelme <andreas at pelme.se> wrote:
>> On 12 nov 2015, at 14:34, Floris Bruynooghe <flub at devork.be> wrote:
>> Hopefully you find this useful if you use py.test and logbook.  Feel
>> free to give any feedback you might have.
> Thanks Floris.
> I’m using logbook and have a similar log_handler fixture that initiates/pushes TestHandler. The reporting looks nice and is something I lack with my hack. :)

Yeah, we had some ad-hoc fixtures for a while but started needing them
in multiple projects and got bored of copy-paste.  So that's what led
to cleaning it up and creating pytest-logbook.  If you migrate let me
know if you have anything tricky or if it's lacking some features.
One feature I've not included that we do locally is a check that
ensures no error or warning level messages have been logged unless the
test had a mark applied.  But I thought starting minimal would be a

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