[pytest-dev] RFC: pytest sprint indiegogo page (draft)

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Wed Feb 3 05:20:47 EST 2016

Hey Holger,

* holger krekel <holger at merlinux.eu> [2016-02-03 10:00:27 +0000]:
> Hey all,
> i've done a indiegogo sprint page which is still in draft mode, see here:
>     https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/ee72990c#/

Yay, thank you! \o/

    Floris Bruhin, Switzerland
    Florian Bruynooghe, UK

*cough* *cough* ;)

If you're busy I can fix it myself later, still haven't figured out
that "sync password manager database between multiple machines" thing

Is this "flexible funding"? It seems to me like it isn't, i.e. if we
don't get the 8kEUR, we'll get no money at all? Might make more sense
to get the money even if we reach, say, 5kEUR, and then see what we
can do to make it happen with that?

> I am particular unsure about the "perks" ...

Stickers sound good. Maybe T-Shirts as well, for something between
EUR 50 and EUR 500? If I wasn't involved in pytest but liking it a
lot, I'd be willing to spend EUR 100 or so, but I'd like something
more than 10 stickers in return ;)

OTOH it's some work and logistic overhead someone would need to

"fix an issue" sounds a bit problematic. I'd rather not give the
blanket promise of fixing a particular thing or introducing a feature,
this has the potential to "force" us to do things nobody considers a
good idea, if things go bad. Maybe more something like "vote on a
specific bug/feature we'll consider a priority"?

What about some document about the sprint where funders will be
listed, with higher perks with (company) logo/URL? That's something
I've seen a lot with other campaigns and seems reasonable to me.

What do you think about perks for pytest trainings? Maybe that'd be a
good incentive for companies - fund the sprint *and* get a training
for pytest (or pytest/tox/devpi - not including travel/stay for the
training of course).


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