[pytest-dev] Participation in 2016 Sprint

Oliver Bestwalter oliver at bestwalter.de
Wed Feb 17 06:08:52 EST 2016


I would like to participate in the sprint and I won't need any funding.

My name is Oliver Bestwalter and I live in Ravensburg near Lake Constance.
I fell in love with Python in 2006 and work at Avira since 2011. I am part
of a small team that is automating internal build, test and release
processes with Python. We are responsible for the complete life cycle of
our systems including testing, provisioning and deploying them on Linux,
Windows and Mac, so my job description according to the latest buzzwords
would be DevOps I guess.

I am using py.test in all my pet projects and professionally since 2011.
Last year I started using devpi and tox also. I have no experience working
on the code bases yet.

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