[pytest-dev] Testing pytest releases using devpi and CI servers

Petr Viktorin encukou at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 05:27:39 EST 2016

On 01/17/2016 03:32 AM, Holger Krekel wrote:
> Haven't played yet with your integration code. So I can't contrast it.
> It was indeed a more general comment regarding what I perceive as the
> missing piece in open source testing infrastructure.
> It's true that I kind of am uncomfortable with using commercial hosting
> services like appveyor and Travis if the platform is not driven by open
> source software. Practicality beats purity sometimes though.

Interesting that you explicitly add "if the platform is not driven by
open source software". The code for Travis CI is actually MIT-licensed:

Of course, the code is there but docs are mostly missing. The
Github-style business model (free for open source, paid for private,
expensive for on-premises) removes many incentives for them to support
people/companies spinning up their own server. And the hosted app model
makes it impossible to check that the sources they publish are actually
what they run.
Anyway they're certainly way more open-source than most SaaS.

(Ironically, in the old days, lack of docs was a sure sign of a
free/open source project...)

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