[pytest-dev] pytest docs on readthedocs?

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Mon Jan 25 01:10:31 EST 2016

* Bruno Oliveira <nicoddemus at gmail.com> [2016-01-22 20:30:12 +0000]:
> Hi everyone,
> Currently one of the steps involved in the release process is manually
> generating the documentation and uploading to pytest.org (using rsync).
> I was wondering if we should move pytest docs over to readthedocs.org? It
> automatically builds and hosts the documentation based on tags or branches,
> so it would simplify the release build process a bit, plus it automatically
> hosts multiple versions of the documentation (would be nice to see how the
> docs for 2.9 in the features branch look like, for instance).
> Readthedocs even supports using canonical urls[1] so users would still
> access the documentation through pytest.org.

+1 on that. While RTD is another external service we'll "depend on", I
think it streamlines things a lot.

> Also, pytest.readthedocs.org already exists and hosts documentation for the
> 2.7.0 release. Ronny cleverly noticed that that release probably was the
> last release before moving to GitHub, otherwise it would be still serving
> up-to-date documentation as the project on readthedocs is still configured
> to clone the bitbucket repository.

Yeah, definitely makes sense to update this then.


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