[pytest-dev] sprint latest updates / food / code with conduct

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Fri Jun 10 05:48:14 EDT 2016

I reordered attendees list by arrival times.
Also added a code-with-conduct part which references
the PSF code of conduct thing, see our coordination page:


As to food, 6 people have left XXX for food: Sebastian, Jon, Oleg, Omar,
Daniel, Raphael.  unless it changes today i am going to assume
"vegetarian" for XXX.  lunch is 13 euro per person and it's covered by
the sprint budget for everyone. But it means i'd like to have somewhat
fitting numbers and not waste food.  here is the complete breakdown IISIC:

June 20-22th  22 persons, 12 all, 3 vegetarian, 2 no-pork, 1 vegan, 4 xxx
June 23-25th  25 persons, 13 all, 3 vegetarian, 2 no-pork, 1 vegan, 6 xxx

I guess one day we are not going to take lunch because it's kind of a
break day - likely the 22nd or 23rd, depending on weather -- which is
whether fluid here currently.

Jon, Sebastian, Thomas: do you have an idea at which time you
arrive on the 23rd?  If it's afternoon we could just make a meeting
point in the late afternoon and otherwise consider it as candidate
for break day for the others.

besides, i am also currently arranging another flat for accomodation.
I presume that those who said "share" are fine to share
e.g.  a room with two beddings. If not, get back to me privately.
We'll find accomodatation for everybody, no worries :)

holger (out now to enjoy sun as it's more rainy the next days ...)

P.S.: could someone with worse weather lookup contact data at indiegogo
or so for the "sprint influencers" (who gave 1500) and send it to me?
I'd like to offer them a chat next week ... 

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