[pytest-dev] Request to bundle Pytest-finer-verdicts as a default plugin with pytest

Ronny Pfannschmidt opensource at ronnypfannschmidt.de
Mon Jun 27 04:21:18 EDT 2016

Hello Venkatesh-Prasad and Florian,

as of now the linked plugin is basically a really new plugin, which is a
20 line function without any tests.
as such i would like to postpone moving it into pytest-dev until it is
more widely used and has a proper test-suite.

we want to have pytest-dev as a place to put popular plugins in order to
ease and open up maintenance and share control,
we might want to have a different place for the public/shared incubation
of plugins and experiments.

-- Ronny

Am 26.06.2016 um 18:54 schrieb Venkatesh Prasad Ranganath:
> Hey Florian,
> I can look into tox.ini and longer description in setup.py.
> As for changed behavior, would providing a CLI option to activate the
> plugin suffice?
> Venkatesh-Prasad Ranganath
> http://about.me/rvprasad
> On Sat, Jun 25, 2016 at 11:27 AM, Venkatesh Prasad Ranganath
> <rvprasad at cis.ksu.edu <mailto:rvprasad at cis.ksu.edu>> wrote:
>     Hey All,
>     What is the process to make this happen?  Is the first step to
>     transfer pytest-finer-verdicts
>     <https://github.com/rvprasad/pytest-finer-verdicts> to pytest-dev
>     organization?  If so, please consider this email as the request
>     for transfer.
>     Cheers,
>     Venkatesh-Prasad Ranganath
>     http://about.me/rvprasad
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