[pytest-dev] ANN: pytest-external-blockers - prototype released

Ronny Pfannschmidt rpfannsc at redhat.com
Tue Oct 4 13:18:27 EDT 2016

Hi all,

i'm happy to announce the release of pytest-external-blockers [0]
it was created in order to be able to semantically track for what reasons a
test was skipped

a normal `pytest.skip` doesn't offer a semantic difference between "skipped
for a local reason" and "skipped for a external reason"

so we choose to pick a new verb.
that way every dynamic "skip" that happens for a external reason (like
database down, known to be broken tests, unavailable network service) can
be identified.

In future i want to extend this concept to xfail.

I'm hoping for some harsh critique :)

[0]  https://github.com/RonnyPfannschmidt/pytest-external-blockers

-- Ronny
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