[pytest-dev] process for replacing yield tests with modern style

Chris Dent cdent at anticdent.org
Mon Oct 31 11:30:36 EDT 2016

On Fri, 28 Oct 2016, Chris Dent wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Oct 2016, holger krekel wrote:
>> So let's now get to your original example at
>> https://github.com/tiddlyweb/tiddlyweb/blob/master/test/http_runner.py
> and that might be enough to increase my understanding so that I can
> deal with the considerably more complex form used in gabbi. I'll
> come back to this thread with:
> * a link to the change in tiddlyweb when it is working


This seems to be working reasonably well so barring any comments
from here or elsewhere, I'll just merge that and \o/.

> * questions when I get stuck with gabbi

I've started a branch where I try to transfoer what I learned on the
above to the gabbi work, and while I have a proof of concept
working, it isn't very clean:


The commit message explains the issues. The gist is that I want to
make things as easy as possible for the test author (the user of
gabbi) and expose the details of pytest as little as possible.

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