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Dave Hunt dhunt at mozilla.com
Tue Feb 21 03:51:37 EST 2017

I believe Raphael has applied for a MOSS award to work on the documentation. I’m happy to support this, or likely any other application.


> On 20 Feb 2017, at 21:41, Thomas Lotze <thomas at thomas-lotze.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just noticed that the next deadline for applications for Mozilla Open
> Source Support awards will be due soon, at the end of the month. Also,
> pytest (as well as tox) is listed among the projects Mozilla considers
> Foundational technology which it supports through a dedicated awards track.
> https://wiki.mozilla.org/MOSS
> https://wiki.mozilla.org/MOSS/Foundational_Technology/Projects_We_Use
> I wonder whether the pytest project should apply for an award. This question
> has been brought up on this mailing list before, at least last summer by
> Florian Bruhin. The discussion back then didn't lead to a conclusion,
> more-or-less open questions being what well-defined project objective to
> propose, who could work on it, and, not the least important, what Holger
> thought of it as the money would likely be handled by his company. Florian
> Schulze was the only one who said he was available full-time at the time.
> Now, I'm aware that I've not been known as a pytest contributor so far, but
> I've been using pytest, I want to help improve it in turn, and I'm interested
> in and available for working on open-source Python projects on the basis of
> funding such as the MOSS awards. This is why I'd like to re-raise the
> question of applying for such an award, and ask you who else might be
> interested in joining the work and what would be the best objectives to have
> funded.
> "Reducing the number of bugs" would be useful but possibly too much of general
> maintenance to be eligible for an award. There are a number of enhancement
> proposals in the tracker, some of which will be more urgent or helpful to the
> project than others, or might lend themselves better to being implemented by
> one or two persons rather than, e.g., during a sprint.
> If there is any interest in applying for a MOSS award, I'd be happy to work on
> an application during the next few days. But if there is a feeling that
> pytest shouldn't apply for an award, or not this time, I'd be equally
> interested in discussing that and possibly preparing for next time. I'd
> particularly like to ask the opinions of Holger, and of Dave Hunt, who is
> listed as the project's contact within Mozilla on the above-mentioned list.
> Thank you! Cheers,
> Thomas
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