[pytest-dev] [proposal] big flake8 cleanup before the 3.1 release

Florian Schulze mail at florian-schulze.net
Fri Mar 17 05:34:39 EDT 2017


Personally I disable the line length limit and keep all other warnings.

For old projects I only fix pep8 issues in code I edit in a commit. A 
massive cleanup disrupts history and especially "blame" too much IMHO.

Florian Schulze

On 17 Mar 2017, at 10:09, Ronny Pfannschmidt wrote:

> Hi all,
> before releasing 3.1 i would like to bring pytest up to coding 
> standards
> while not all agree on the exact rules of flake8,
> i find it an insult to my eyes to that basically all tools that
> don't/can't support all kinds of config files
> pretty much show about half of pytest in violation all the time
> what i certainly don't want to do, is start to disable code standard
> enforcement on random projects,
> so i want to enforce it - and that means fixing up pytest once and for 
> all.
> a good point in time would e to do it on the features branch right
> before doing a release and merging back to master as it would create 
> the
> smallest merge effort.
> additionally it would allow us to switch from travis for linting to a
> dedicated service with better gh integration in future without
> maintaining yet another massive exclude list
> -- Ronny
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