[pytest-dev] Suggestion: EuroPython pytest/tox/devpi helpdesk

Oliver Bestwalter oliver at bestwalter.de
Mon Mar 27 16:42:59 EDT 2017

Hi all,

EuroPython is on the horizon and they have a new thing (or at least new for
me) called "helpdesk"

> Helpdesk / 10 slots

> Helpdesks are a great way to share your experience on a technology, by
offering to help people answering their questions and solving their
practical problems. You can run a helpdesk by yourself or with colleagues
and friends. Each helpdesk will be open for 3 hours in total, 1.5 hours in
the morning and 1.5 hours in the afternoon. People looking for help will
sign up for a 30 minute slot and talk to you. There is no specific
preparation needed; you just need to be proficient in the technology you
run the helpdesk for.

see: https://ep2017.europython.eu/en/call-for-proposals/

I would be interested to try this and volunteer to help with questions
about tox mainly. Would anybody else interested in that kind of thing? If
we find a handful of people that would want to do that, we could have a
tox/pytest/devpi helpdesk :)

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