[pytest-dev] Travis auto-cancellation enabled

Daniel Hahler genml+pytest-dev at thequod.de
Mon Mar 27 16:52:06 EDT 2017

On 22.03.2017 16:34, Bruno Oliveira wrote:

> More information here: https://blog.travis-ci.com/2017-03-22-introducing-auto-cancellation
> I decided to go ahead and enable this as I believe it is a win-win situation, but if somebody disagrees please let me know.

It is OK for me.

Just a btw: I've found it useful to push e.g. HEAD~2, HEAD~1 and HEAD (if they are meant to be kept separate) after each other, so that I can be sure that git-bisect would not break if they get merged as-is (when Travis/GitHub marks them all green).

As for canceling queued builds, "git commit --amend" and force-pushing also causes jobs to fail when trying to clone the previous merge (but then jobs might be running already, of course).


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