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Alex Georgie alex at seedanddew.com
Wed Aug 8 01:03:39 EDT 2018

Hey everyone,

Didn't actually see Florian's last email until just now.

>I guess it could still work out, but I feel like
>assigning/dividing funds manually (think Patreon) both results in a more
>fair distribution, and gives me control where my money actually goes,
>based on what I find most important/useful/... for what I do.

I suspect when people try to give money that way, the money tends to silo
in one of the bigger, more visible projects - like Bootstrap or Vue.
There's nothing wrong with those projects getting money but there are
plenty of others that get forgotten in the process.

I think you have a point about control. We don't really want to compete
with projects like Patreon or others. I think they have their place but our
differentiating factor is that you don't need to control anything. Our
target market is the techie in his 30-40's. They have a family and maybe
kids and while code and open source is important to them, it's really low
on the totem pole of their priorities. They don't currently contribute
anything but its not about the money, its that they need to figure out
where their money should go to and redistribute every few months. It's a
decision they keep needing to make and if we keep asking people to do work
on top of contributing, they'll eventually stop contributing altogether.

The big draw of the platform is that it's passive income for projects and
passive distribution for users. You set it and forget it and automatically

Does that seem reasonable? Any other questions, concerns or feedback? Are
we comfortable with trying this out with Open Collective?


On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 12:37 PM, Florian Bruhin <me at the-compiler.org>

> On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 09:13:01AM -0700, Alex Georgie wrote:
> > >Where would the money go?
> > We actually work with an organization called OpenCollective (
> > https://opencollective.com/) that creates a non-profit for you. The
> idea is
> > they handle the legalese and create an account where donations can go.
> All
> > donations and expenses are also on the site, so it becomes fully
> > transparent. I believe their cost structure is 5% of donations. We can
> send
> > money straight to them. Does that work for you guys?
> https://opencollective.com/opensource claims 5% platform fee + 5% host
> fee + ~3% payment fee. So we're down to getting about 57% of funds ;-)
> It still doesn't answer the question what we actually would use funds
> for (but that's not for you to answer of course :D).
> The only reason I can see right now is future development sprints, where
> this likely won't yield enough, while another crowdfunding likely would
> work out very well.
> > >I'm also not sure if this works out. I use pytest a lot, but I rarely
> > >look at its documentation.
> > Not even as reference? Does that apply to other projects where you're
> not a
> > dev as well? I've heard this feedback before and its fair but my
> hypothesis
> > is that people still go back every now and then for reference and this
> > applies evenly across all projects, so it should lead to the same
> > proportion of revenue on a larger time frame.
> I might go back there for a quick look (not really for pytest because I
> know the features I use); but still, I probably wouldn't spend much time
> there. I guess it could still work out, but I feel like
> assigning/dividing funds manually (think Patreon) both results in a more
> fair distribution, and gives me control where my money actually goes,
> based on what I find most important/useful/... for what I do.
> Just my $0.02 though ;-)
> Florian
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