[pytest-dev] Partnership possibility with Pytest

Alex Georgie alex at seedanddew.com
Tue Jul 31 02:14:17 EDT 2018

Hi everyone,

I'm Alex from SeedAndDew. I was chatting with Holger and Bruno about
SeedAndDew and whether Pytest would like to participate and they mentioned
bringing it to the dev mailing list to get your opinions.

*What is it?*

SeedAndDew is a common subscription platform that allows users to
contribute to a number of open source projects with a single subscription.
The idea here is that it's a lot easier to get people to contribute
$10/month to every open source project they work with than it is to get
them to contribute $5/month for a specific project. The subscription
revenue will be distributed based on the amount of time users spend reading
documentation of the respective project which I anticipate will correspond
well with actual use. So if a user spends 10% of their time reading the
Pytest documentation, you get 10% of the subscription revenue.

*How it works*

We provide you a script that you add to the Pytest site. That script makes
a call to our site to create a 'drop' every 2 seconds a user is on your
site. If the user is part of our network, we would have provided a cookie
to them when they signed in which gets passed to us when that call is made.
We authenticate using that cookie and assign that drop to them and you. If
they are not part of the network there is no cookie, they won't be
authenticated and the process ends there. We aggregate those drops at the
end of the month to figure out the revenue distribution.

The info we have is purely opt in since the user need to not only have an
account with us but pay us every month. We haven't built this yet, but the
intention is to keep that data for 3 months for auditing purposes and then
delete it. We take a 30% cut of the subscription that includes payment
processing costs which allows us to be sustainable, so we don't need to get
creative with the data. The other feature needed for GDPR is the export of
user data which is also in the pipeline.

Our goal is to increase the pool of people who contribute to open source by
removing the friction of having to manage subscriptions paid to specific
projects and changing it as your stack and interests change. This would be
a passive income source that doesn't require any further work outside of
the initial integration.

So far we have 10 projects including SQL Alchemy, RSpec, Bundler, Browsh
and Parse. Does this seem like something you would be interested in?



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