[pytest-dev] preparing a breaking internal change - splitting Session into the node and the plugin

Florian Schulze florian.schulze at gmx.net
Fri Mar 9 08:43:03 EST 2018

On 9 Mar 2018, at 11:24, RonnyPfannschmidt wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> since a while now the fact that session is both a Node and a plugin 
> has
> created some interesting issues
> (like the compatproperties that cant warn correct due to pluggy and
> fixture scanning)
> i'd like to elevate those issues by slitting the plugin part and the
> session part into different classes.
> while affecting other users should be next to impossible, its still a
> breaking change.
> as such i believe it should be prepared in turn with a major pytest
> release thats also removing more badness/slack
> (this also creates some unique issue, since the very structure i want 
> to
> break appart preventssane deprecation warnings for some parts)
> i#d like to get some opinions on what others think of this

I wouldn't take a major release to cram in as much changes as possible. 
IMHO it's fine to have a major release for just one breaking change. 
That way it's easier to manage possible fallout and build confidence 
that major releases aren't *that* bad. The possibility of proper 
deprecations trumps the wish to clean up as much as possible in one go. 
Frequent small steps are better than big steps every once in a while. 
The goal will be the same, but with less disruption.

Florian Schulze

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