[pytest-dev] Adding intro talk/slides to pytest-dev repos and licensing

RonnyPfannschmidt opensource at ronnypfannschmidt.de
Wed Mar 14 01:33:04 EDT 2018

Hi floris,

thanks for starting this one :)

as for my answers

1. i think its a good idea to have them
  we should try to enable us and the community to give basic introductions,
  perhaps even very basic workshops without too much prep work
  (some kind of basic set for open source conferences and meet-ups/user

  we should also consider if and how we want to mention/advertise
  the more commercial offerings for training/workshops at that place.

2. CC-BY is closer to MIT but for documentation/prose we specifically
put into the public,
  i would prefer to use the CC-BY-SA for the Share-Alike component,
  but this is not a strong preference, just my personal opinion
  that for things such as talks the CC-BY-SA is more fair

3. i would like to start a new repo for talks/workshop materials
  and personally believe CC-BY-SA is a very reasonable and fair choice
  putting emphasis on freedoms to use,
  while also ensuring that enhancements ought to be shared.
-- Ronny

Am 13.03.2018 um 22:24 schrieb Floris Bruynooghe:
> Hi all,
> Ronny was interested in updating/adapting a pytest-intro talk I've given
> at a meetup sometime before [0].  He suggested to add it in a repo under
> the pytest-dev organisation, which seems like a fine idea.  Why not all
> re-use slides if they're useful.
> However this also raises the question of what license to use.  Pytest
> currently use MIT for everything but I'm not sure how suitable this is
> for non-code.  After looking at Creative Commons, which seems like the
> default license for this sort of things, we came to think the
> Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) [1] would be a
> reasonable choice for this.  Personally I wouldn't mind something closer
> to MIT but it seems Creative Commons doesn't provide something like
> this.
> So my questions to you all are:
> 1. Do you think having a talk/slides in a repo under the pytest-dev
>    organisation is a good idea?
> 2. Do you think this is a suitable license for a talk?  Do you have
>    any better suggestion?
> 3. Are we fine with putting CC BY-SA 4.0 licensed content in the
>    pytest-dev organisation's repos?
> Cheers,
> Floris
> [0] http://devork.be/talks/pytest-intro/talk.html
> [1] https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/
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