[pytest-dev] No traceback filtering with __tracebackhide__ attribute using custom pytest plugin

Bruno Oliveira nicoddemus at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 18:19:42 EDT 2018

Hi Ringo,

I would expect the basic traceback filtering to work via the runner,
> irrespective of which custom tests a thirdparty plugin provides. What do I
> consider basic filtering? Filtering out the traceback entries of the runner
> as defined in python.py:filter_traceback function (pluggy, etc.) as well as
> the default filter function regarding __tracebackhide__. This is exactly
> what I activated via my custom _prunetraceback method.
> May I suggest to push this basic filtering higher in that class hierarchy?
> You will probably know better where that is/should be, but I guess in class
> Item would be a good fit. Should I file this as an improvement on Github?
I think it makes sense; Node already has a method repr_failure and
_prunetraceback, so it already knows the concept of a traceback; my initial
take is that Node should *not* know about that at all, neither Item: they
are abstract objects that can represent anything that pytest can collect
and run, even things which may not produce a traceback upon failure. But I
digress, given the current state of things it seems to make sense to push
basic filter to Item as you suggest.


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