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Bruno Oliveira nicoddemus at gmail.com
Wed May 1 16:25:58 EDT 2019

Hi core maintainers,

Half a year ago Keenan Szulik from Tidelift reached me and Holger about the
possibility of pytest joining Tidelift for funding.

At first our answer was "not right now" for two reasons: we didn't actually
knew the platform (for example what expect in terms of obligations) and how
to split the funding among maintainers.

Some time later Keenan reached us again to see if we had thought about the
idea some more. I reached some other OS maintainers which have joined
Tidelift and the overall response was positive: they were getting paid and
there were no obligations whatsoever after joining the platform other than
"maintain the project", which they were already doing anyway. There's no
obligation to market the platform in anyway as well (say, being forced to
put their logo on the website). Here's a nice discussion of the Pillow
maintainers about how to split the funding:

I decided then to join Tidelift with pytest-mock: it is a small project and
I'm the sole maintainer, so it seemed like a good choice to beta test the
platform. After two months, the overall experience is positive: I didn't
get any demands from Tidelift other than the occasional email (twice a
month) about how the project is doing in terms of Tidelift subscribers, and
I've been paid twice know without fuss. So I think the overall experience
is positive.

So my question is: how do the core maintainers feel about pytest joining

Here's their license agreement: https://tidelift.com/docs/lifting/agreement

If we are to join, there's the question about how to split the funds over
the core maintainers. I propose we follow how other projects are handling

* The amount is split evenly between active maintainers. By "active
maintainer" here I mean that has been participating in discussions and/or
contributing PRs "lately". I think every core maintainer is reasonable
regarding being active or not, so I don't expect misunderstandings here.

* If an inactive maintainer becomes active again, they will start to get
their share on the next payment (by the end of every month as per Tidelift
policy). Same if an active maintainer stops activity.

With the above guidelines, I would say the current "active" core
maintainers are Daniel, Anthony and myself, with Ronny joining back soon.

The amount involved is not much, but it is an extra which is nice to have
for (what I can see) work we are already doing anyway. It is also possible
to cancel the subscription for any time given 30 days notice.


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