[pytest-dev] Adding pytest-mpi to pytest-dev org on github

James Tocknell aragilar at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 09:22:27 EDT 2019

Hi pytest devs

I've developed a small pytest plugin (https://github.com/aragilar/pytest-mpi)
which assists with using MPI (
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Message_Passing_Interface) with pytest, and
I'm looking for a github org to host it, would it be possible to have
pytest-dev host it? Currently it is very under-documented, and needs
tests/CI set up, as it's currently just a quick hack to support
https://github.com/h5py/h5py/pull/1255, but I do plan on documenting it
(which I need to do anyway so that other h5py contributors can use it), and
adding proper tests, but let know if there's any major problems with this.

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