[pytest-dev] [RFC] experimenting with using matrix as chat/community platform for potentially superseding irc

Ronny Pfannschmidt opensource at ronnypfannschmidt.de
Sat Feb 8 08:39:54 EST 2020

Hi Everyone,

since a while now i have stopped using irc directly/controlled and
instead switched to a setup using matrix that i like much better.

Matrix enables a few features that i really like, for example

* multiple synced clients (on my computers and my mobile)
* server side persistent history (where i don't have to manage/juggle logs)

In addition my personal perception of the communication structure on 
matrix is close to irc in a sense.
(this is a emotional perception hard to put into word, but i like that 
matrix is IRC-like with nice features while being not like slack&co at all).

In order to see how acceptance works out for that,
i'd like to set up a community with  a small number of channels for dev 
talk, support, general chatter.

However before starting, i would like to get feedback from the community 
on the ML.

-- Ron

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