[pytest-dev] Resolution of recent conflict

Brianna Laugher brianna.laugher at gmail.com
Wed May 6 03:43:26 EDT 2020

Many of you know that there has recently been some conflict within the
pytest core maintainer group. Thanks all for your patience while
discussions took place in the background. In the end, we as active
maintainers agreed to exclude Daniel from pytest project membership for at
least six months, because of interactions which we deemed innappropriate
and harmful to the project. After six months we will be ready to talk again.

Daniel has been a prolific and significant contributor to pytest, and we
recognise and deeply appreciate the time he has devoted to the project, and
thank him for his efforts.

We thank everyone for allowing some time and space to the resolve the
situation, in particular to Holger who discussed with Daniel and everybody
else in the background. We ask that you resist the temptation to create a
hero/villain narrative, because it is both not correct and not helpful.
This is also the reason we don't cite his full name as we don't want to put
public blame or burn bridges that we'd like to remain walkable in the

Anthony, Brianna, Bruno, Florian, Floris, Ran, Ronny.
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